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Banner, Banner, And Banner

Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

Hi Guys!!!
I wanna introduce something to all of you. Do you ever hear about this site? huh? If you never hear, I wanna explain to you. Please listen to me. Ekhm.. Ekhm,,Ekhm... Before I tell you about this site, I'm sorry if my English is not good,,,

Their product such as banner stands, including Banner Bug, Nimlok, M2 and Expand Media Screens. They stock a wide ranger of trade show displays!! So if you wanna held big event. Please contact them. They can appropiate all of you need. From design, to build, to breakdown. to shiping, to storage. All of your problem about that can handle to them.

That's sample from their product :

1. The name of product is : Nimlok Compact Pop-up Displays

2. The Name of product is : Expand Media Fabric

3. The name of product is : The Twist from Premier

4. The name of product is : Expand Tower

5. The last but not least is : Nimlok Compact Pop-up Fabric

So, Which one do you prefer???
Banner stand australia

Brochure stands australia

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