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Forgive me Please

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Sometimes we make a mistake  but it is human.
And what will we do if we make a mistake? fix it or leave it? It depends on what type of person we are. If we are good person, we will fix it. Dont make someone else become sad becasue of our own actions. If we do, they may start to hate us for that, hmmmm... may be for another reason it could be. We just do the best we can do.

But, what if another person make mistake to us?
Especially for the priority person, our best friends, our family. can we open our heart to forgive them? yes, you should. Why? If you want to person forgiving your mistake, you have to do same thing. God always see your heart, your actions. And you can not hide from God.

Don't be a Loser. Run, hide from your life to save your self, to protect your self. It's not at all. You just feel a fear to face the truth, right? you feel so angry, upset, because they don't understand anything about you. Why don't you starting to understand them and then they do the same for you?

My God teach me to become a good person. All your God too, of course... But, the result is depends on us. Which one of the way to leads you? Choose for your self.

Good person or bad person?
Loser or winner?
Big heart or stunted heart?

It's your choose.. be wise...

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